Should YOU Join Niche Profit Classroom 5?

This website is completely dedicated to the Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 course including reviews, honest comments, analysis and feedback from people who have also joined the NPC course and program.

If you are thinking of joining the Niche Profit Classroom course then you will find a tremendous amount of useful information right here to help you in your decision.

If you are wondering whether it is worth purchasing Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 and whether it might be a genuine course or not then we can help you.



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Why Join Niche Profit Classroom?

Niche Profit Classroom is an Internet marketing course teaching you how to make money online by following a blueprint for making money on the Internet, by building ‘under-the-radar’ content-rich niche websites that don’t look like they sell anything at all but work on autopilot to bring in income, cash and profits.

The big news for 2013 is the major update to the whole program which will effectively be named version 5.0 – this just shows the long-term commitment to the members of Niche Profit Classroom from the owner, Adam Short.

This is a program that continues to be updated in the face of constant changes to the Google algorithm and search engine results.

The course takes the form of a membership site which you join and pay a monthly subscription which is currently €67 but usually you can trial the course for a month for just $1.

The websites that you build using the methods taught in Niche Profit Classroom – NPC for short – are also referred to as Niche Marketing websites.

Niche Profit Classroom show you how to actually start a business in which you drive organic and free traffic to your websites which give people searching for valuable information about niche topics and subjects in which you then can sell to them information products in the form of ebooks or you can build websites that generate commissions from affiliate programs and affiliate marketing.

You are given training in how to create these blogs and websites even if you are a beginner.

You get full support and software tools to really help you accelerate your learning as well as access to forums where you can ask questions to other Niche Marketing members.

Even if later you decide to stop or cancel your membership you will have hopefully generated an Internet marketing business in which you are making monthly sales and you will have gained tremendously valuable knowledge in building working systems such as SEO which stands for search engine optimization, getting ranked on search engines such as Google, MSN, Bing and Yahoo, keyword research, web 2.0, social media, PPC, article marketing, AdWords, using WordPress, writing sales letters and sales copy etc.

This is a great way to earn extra money on the Internet while working from your home. You can even just work part-time in the evenings while maintaining your day job because your money making niche websites run on autopilot day and night!

If you have ever asked yourself how can I make money at home or from the Internet, then I believe this is the best place to start.


Niche Profit Classroom Home Page

Is Niche Profit Classroom a Scam?

This isn’t one of those one-page websites that just says Niche Profit Classroom is amazing and to sign up! We are often being asked:

Is anyone making money with Niche Profit Classroom?
How much does it cost?
How much money can I make?
How does Niche Profit Classroom compare to other Internet marketing courses?

Well no Niche Profit Classroom is not a scam, it is a really good and genuine way to make money on the Internet however it will not be suitable for everyone.

Instead we completely dissect the NPC course, give you tips and advice and then leave it up to you to decide whether it is right for you or not.

The current version is called Niche Profit Classroom,  the forthcoming version 5.0 will completely revamp the training modules to include new Internet practices and new software upgrades to make building websites quicker and even easier.

Certainly if you are this will be a get rich quick scheme or program then you will be disappointed because the course requires following a road-map or strategy which requires discipline and lots of hard work and persistence.

To prove we are real members and users we have below a screenshot from inside the training program:

My Review of Niche Profit Classroom

My name is Katja Rummeling and I have actually been making money online with niche profit websites since 2004. I have a large content website that brings in money but I really wanted to try something different. I felt that I couldn’t earn much more with my content site and wanted something new and fresh.

In short I felt a bit lost. I wanted to make more money on the Internet but didn’t know how. I thought that there must be an easier way than the slog of building up a large content site that primarily made money by people clicking on AdSense adverts. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love AdSense but there are other ways of making money online – such as affiliate marketing and easier ways – or so I thought!

So I went to London for a couple of meetings where I met other people who were trying to make money on the Internet – and indeed I found many of them were very successful. I got some good tips and strategies and started to realise my knowledge was painfully lacking and out-of-date. My next step was to catch up on my learning. The Internet moves on quickly and if you are to make money online then you need to keep learning and discovering new ideas, techniques and information.

One thing I was looking for when I went to these meetings was the magic silver bullet – the one thing I could just jump on, duplicate and make money – but sadly I didn’t find it.

So I continued to spend absolutely hours and hours which came to be weeks and weeks learning. I have now finally found some amazing sources of priceless information. I will reveal some nuggets to you but many of these treasures I have to keep close to my chest or everyone will be trying what I have discovered!

Anyway – back to the Niche Profit Classroom 3.0 course. It was January 2009 and someone told me to listen to an audio interview with Adam Short and Alen Sultanic who talked about the Niche Marketing Method 2.0 and his membership site called Niche Profit Classroom. I found out they had previously been involved with the success PG Insider and Niche Quake launches.

By this stage I had learned a lot and got lots of ideas and information but I still wasn’t sure how to put it all together. I’m not lazy, show me a successful blueprint and I will work day and night with massive focus and effort – but I just needed to find that one plan or idea which hit me like a lightening thunderbolt!

When I listened to the interview with Adam Short I was genuinely shocked and surprised – this guy was openly revealing his money-making secrets and they made complete sense to me – I knew – and so would you – that these ideas and techniques if implemented would make money. I just didn’t understand why he would openly tell people these ideas for free. I’ll be honest – I did think this is it!!!

I will also admit that I then thought of taking his ideas and techniques and starting out on my own. But then I reconsidered. After all, I had spent a lot of time going down one-way streets and Adam was saying that Niche Profit Classroom revealed a ton of extra other information and was a complete step-by-step guide on how to make money. I didn’t want to go my own way and fail and then think that it was because I had missed vital pieces of the puzzle. So I did something I almost never do – I bought a product.

One of the things that convinced me was that this was a membership site with ongoing growth and support. I’m not so keen on products that are like manuals – what if you read it and don’t understand what to do? I like the idea of being shown exactly what to do and then getting help whenever I need it.

Do you remember when I said this wouldn’t be a glowing gushing review – well there are things that I do love about the course but also some things that I don’t like and in this review I will tell you about them.

What I can say is that this is a genuine way of making money. It does require some hard work of course. I think if you don’t follow the instructions or you don’t put in the work then you will definitely fail. The blueprint on how to make money by using the Niche Profit Methods are bound to make you money on the Internet – but only if you follow them correctly.

What I would also point out is that if you are here looking to find out the secrets and methods then you will be disappointed.

In our review we can only give you a general idea of what is involved in the course because there is so much to it. When you join up you will realize it is like a jigsaw and you need to go through the member’s area step-by-step, implementing the formula exactly as described.

I think that is about enough of an introduction at this point.

The next step for you would be to watch the videos that I viewed – in these five Niche Profit Classroom secret videos you will be shown the general outline of how to make money online using the Niche Profit methods that Adam has used to make thousands of dollars.

My Niche Profit Classroom Review
Rating For
Very professional training videos and easy to understand.
Rating For Software
The tools are useful but perhaps there are better keyword tools out there on the market.
Rating For Value For
Quite expensive once the $1 trial offer has expired but you do get so much for the money.
The best internet marketing training course that we have used.

The place to start once you join NPC is to get inside the members area and specifically the core 13 training modules in the classroom taking you through each step of the Niche Marketing 2.0 System. Each module contains a series of tutorial videos with down-loadable resources and action steps to take as you go along at your own pace. You will soon have your niche web site built and launched using WordPress and be on your first step towards earning an income online.

NPC Media Centre

Once you have been through the initial training modules you will want to access the NPC Media centre which contains hundreds of videos (over 500) with tutorials on all kinds of topics such as video marketing, getting links by article marketing, social media and bookmarking sites, building websites, keyword research – really everything to do with Internet marketing is comprehensively covered.

Niche Profit Classroom Training

Niche Profit Classroom Training

You will soon be an expert on any aspect of making money online. You should now be growing your traffic and leveraging your web site further by being able to automate many parts of your online business such as auto-responders so you can sit back and it takes care of itself and functions on autopilot.

Ready Made Niche Businesses

Without doubt one of the best reasons to subscribe each month to Niche Profit Classroom is the two ready-made niche businesses that you get as part of your monthly membership.

Each month you get two ebooks which you can sell and keep 100% of the profits. To write these ebooks yourself would take weeks or they would cost hundreds of dollars to outsource their creation.

These two professionally-written ebooks are in a niche which has low competition but high profit potential – all of this has been researched for you.

Of course a downside is the fact all the other members are getting the ready-made niche packs but most will not use the amazing opportunity they have been given!

Niche Packs

Niche Packs

As well as the ebook you get all these supporting materials so you can launch your niche business immediately:

  • Ready-to-go articles with titles and meta tags.
  • Ten part ready-to-go email auto responder course.
  • Graphics for your website and the ebook.
  • List of best keyword to target including their money-word rating.
  • Market profile which is an overview of likely buyers and demographics.
  • Ready made sales letter for selling the ebook.
  • 21 Day Traffic Blueprint which tells you exactly what to do step-by-step for the next three weeks while you built and promote your new niche web site.

Software Tools

Keyword Tool – MoneyWord Matrix Desktop Edition – This software tool is at the heart of the Niche Profit Classroom process. The MoneyWord Matrix tool looks at how competitive a given keyword is. Avoid keywords that are difficult to rank for and concentrate your efforts on the easier ones. Other software tools designed to save you time on your business and included in your package:


Keyword Tool

Market Scorecard – Find the niche markets that are worth pursuing.
Market Profiler – Profile the buying intent of the niches you are investigating. Building a website and ranking it takes considerable time and effort, so having data to tell you whether or not it is worth starting or not is priceless.
Market Checklist – Keep track of your web sites and any results and progress.
Sales Letter Wizard – Helps you write sales letters that produce the maximum results and conversions.
Keyword Advantage: This is the exclusive to NPC keyword research tool and is an essential part of building websites by finding you keywords with the least competition that still get enough traffic to make them worth building. It also includes a domain search function and a content research function which helps you gather data and information for writing articles on your chosen topic. The net result is quick research and a focus on markets where you can make money.

Mastermind Webinars

Twice a month Adam Short and Alen Sultanic make themselves available to the members by holding teleseminars, otherwise known as webinars. Focusing on one part of your online niche business at the end of each webinar they hold a question and answer session (see video below) as well as hot seat.

Covering various topics such as copy-writing, email marketing and outsourcing these are then recorded and always available later on for members in case you cannot attend at the time.

NPC Forum & Niche Profit Leaders

After the training modules and videos you can then chat and talk to other fellow members. You can ask questions or just read and draw from the personal experiences of over 2000 other members many of whom are kind enough to report their ongoing progress towards making a success of Niche Profit Classroom.

As a member of NPC for over a year I can tell you that I read about members who are getting traffic to their websites, people are subscribing to their email courses through auto-responders and ultimately they are achieving sales of their ebooks.

Niche profit leaders are also members of Niche Profit Classroom but they have been hand-picked by Adam Short and Alen Sultanic to give extra additional help because they have shown outstanding application and success of utilizing the methods and strategies taught in the membership site.

Niche Profit Press Ultimate (NPPU)

This is the site builder tool that makes it easy for you to build websites quickly without having to be a technical ‘geek’.

You may prefer to use popular free tools such as WordPress or Joomla but those have a steep learning curve but do have more features. At least with Niche Profit Press Ultimate you can quickly  build Google-friendly websites. Limitations are just the one theme so all sites using this look identical.

Niche Profit Press Ultimate

Niche Profit Press Ultimate

Link Tracks

This is something you have to pay extra for and is a list of websites with high Page Rank (PR) that you can get a backlink from. These high-quality backlinks will help give you more authority and relevancy in the search engines so you should see your Niche Profit web site get better rankings in the SERPS.

Niche Profit Shortcut (NPS)

This section shows you how to make money by monetising your websites with Google AdSense – this involves placing text or image adverts on your website and when visitors click on them, you make a commission per click – not whether they continue to buy or not from the site which they are redirected to.

Niche Profit Classroom Shortcut

Niche Profit Shortcut

Niche Profit Affiliate Physical (NPAP)

Going further than the NPS section, this demonstrates how to monetise your websites with affiliate links to physical products (like electronics, DVDs and books) instead of the AdSense revenue model. Many people send traffic to Amazon and earn a small commission but there are many other affiliate networks where you can find physical products to promote and NPC 5.0 tells you exactly where to look for them.

Niche Profit Affiliate Digital (NPAD)

Very similar to the NPAP section, but instead, this shows you how to make money by selling digital products instead of physical.

You can become an affiliate using websites such as Clickbank to promote digital products such as ebooks and software.

Click Here To Try Niche Profit Classroom for $1

Niche Profit Vendor Mastery

This very advanced section goes the whole way where you invest time upfront creating your own digital product – then you sell it on sites such as Clickbank.

With other people becoming affiliates selling your product – suddenly the profit potential becomes massive.

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